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An appraisal has two main steps: 1) development & 2) writing.  The development begins with communication.  Communication is critical for an accurate appraisal and understanding the appraisal elements.  Then initial research is required for a proper quote regarding fee and turn time.  This also helps with understanding the basics about your property, the subject, and picking comparable sales.  After that, an inspection occurs.  The appraisal inspection involves the appraiser coming to your home, taking pictures, measuring, and taking notes on the condition and physical characteristics of your home.  Once the inspection is complete, additional research is conducted, multiple analyses are performed, writing the report, and finally the value conclusion.  In the end, you will receive a multi-page report detailing the appraisal elements, physical characteristics, methodologies, analyses, and conclusion for your property. 

Our Certified Appraiser adheres to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). 


Get in touch to find out how to get the process started.  We look forward to helping you.

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